What is Transaction Ad?

In order to entice customers to consider buying your product once they see it fits their needs, you need to offer an attractive price. You must maintain a profit margin you can live with while attracting the customer with an irresistible price. Transaction Ad focuses on digital-to-in-person conversions through the use of call-to-action methods such as coupons, referral programs, offers and mobile lead generation.

How Adoveo Transaction Ad works?

Product landing page

Landing page used as short presentation of product you want to sell. Contain no more than 3 products as well custom value (if customer can evaluate price themselves).

Form with details

Consider this form as lead generation as well as details needed to make transaction happen. Can include Sender/Receiver Details as well message from sender to receiver. It will make your marketing even more fun.


Where magic happens. Receiver getting exciting sms/email with gift and wishes from sender. As publisher you getting double marketing effect + fastest transaction ever.

Viral sharing

Based on our experience, users more likely will share campaign with friends. Campaign become viral so you have up to 5 times better acquisition with same marketing budget.

Some Transaction Ad Tips: 

  • You getting double marketing effect + fastest transaction ever
  • Can be used as popup shop to test new product.
  • Can be used to send gift as coupon
  • Can be used to collect money for charity