What is Promo Ad?

Promotional ad helps companies to boost the sales of a product or a service in a very short-term. Promo Ad is a tool used to attract interest in a product through offering additional incentives for making a purchase which is all about the actions a company can take to stimulate customers to buy right now rather than later. 

Promotional advertising tools commonly used include:

  • Discounts
  • Free gifts
  • Promotional products
  • Incentives
  • Add-on items or services
  • Extended warranties
  • Loyalty or rewards programs

How Adoveo Promo Ad works?


Video is optional, but in most cases video will make your campaign more vivid. Video could explain more about your product in easy way.

Lead generation

Collect emails or mobile phones in exchange for coupons or rewards. You can use those leads for future marketing campaigns


Reward your customers with discount or other offering. Reward will be sent by SMS or E-mail. That increase chance of conversion dramatically.

Viral sharing

Based on our experience, users more likely will share campaign with friends. Campaign become viral so you have up to 5 times better acquisition with same marketing budget.

Some Promo Ad Tips:

  • Enticements like these are an effective strategy for increasing not only immediate sales but also customer loyalty.
  • Because offering incentives to purchase is an expensive marketing effort, a time limit is usually placed on these offers. Additionally, marketers want to know how well a particular campaign has performed during a target time period.

Promo Ad in Banner/on your Website

We proud to present that all our campaigns can be placed inside the banner and published in all major AD Networks