What is Engage Ad?

Engage ad, offers consumers desirable content and interactive features that encourage them to engage with advertisement. Engage advertisement creates brand engagement through a challenge and a reward. By making an engagement Ad, you make customers spend at least few seconds on answer a quiz, questionnaires or a game.  

How Adoveo Engage Ad works?


Video is optional, but in most cases video will make your campaign more vivid. Video could contain answers on questions or introduction for future steps.

Quiz or game

Quiz, Puzzle or other games will make your discount or sampling campaign more valuable. Make your customers interact with your brand by adding puzzle of your product or brand based questions.


Reward your customers with discount or other offering. Reward will be sent by SMS or E-mail. That increase chance of conversion dramatically.

Viral sharing

Based on our experience, users more likely will share campaign with friends. Campaign become viral so you have up to 5 times better acquisition with same marketing budget.

Some Ad Tips: 


  • Within the engage Ad, you are developing a relationship with the brand or a product
  • This is an ideal engagement marketing because it provides a way for customers to interact with brands and create a two-way dialogue between customers and companies.  

Engage Ad in Banner

We proud to present that all our campaigns can be placed inside the banner and published in all major AD Networks