What is Donate Ad?

Donate Ad helps you collect money for your charity campaign. Raise donations straight from the ad. Increase the spontaneous donations and accelerate transactions. The result will be extra donations, new givers from the younger audience and more monthly givers. You choose Donate Ad as a conversion template

Donate Ad Features

Direct Payment

Help your donors donate in few clicks. Fastest and easiest way to raise money from donors. Create a campaign and use it in social media to collect money directly in the ad

Donate with a giftcard

Donate on behalf of other person by buying a giftcard. Get double effect for same marketing buget.

Progress bar

Set up a goal of donation with a progress bar and let your donors watch the process of fundraising. The goal will increase donor's willing to pay

Customize the amount

Choose between pre-selected, optional amount or both in the ad. A/B test what is the best choice. This will lead to increased money from donations and possibilities to customize after each target audience.

Payment systems we support:

Some Tips: 


  • Try to collect donations from monthly donors separatelly from one time donations. Then it will be easier to convert leads to a monthly donors.
  • Every donor needs unique approach. With Adoveo Campaign Manager you can make personalized fundraising campaigns for every person.
  • To get help with payment system integration contact us.

Additional features in Adoveo Campaign manager

Donate Ad embed on your website

We proud to present that all our campaigns can be placed inside the banner and published in all major AD Networks

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